Health Equity SIG



Karen Skjei


SIG Objectives:

Like other areas in medicine, pediatric epilepsy is negatively affected by significant disparities in health and healthcare. These include disparities by races/ethnicity, by income and insurance status, and by degree of English proficiency, among other factors. These inequities affect epilepsy prevalence, access to epilepsy care, the way epilepsy is managed and epilepsy outcomes.

The purpose of the PERC Health Equity SIG is to bring together a diverse spectrum of pediatric epilepsy health care providers, social workers and parents to collaborate to determine what is currently known about health care disparities in pediatric epilepsy and discern areas where more research is needed.


Current Projects and Collaborations:

  • We recently drafted the PERC statement in response to the NINDS request for information on health disparities in neurology
  • We are currently in the process of writing a scoping review on health and healthcare disparities in pediatric epilepsy


Plans for Future Projects:

Based on the findings from our scoping review, we will come up with an agenda of multicenter research projects and recommendations regarding practice-changing interventions to work towards health equity.


Members (updated every 6 months, names +/- emails):


Upcoming meetings:

We meet approximately every Friday at 6pm EST via Zoom.